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Control all of your laundromats from a single website. Attract and retain more customers with mobile payment.
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Business made effortless.

Speed Queen® Insights opens up new worlds of efficiency and profitability for laundromat owners. Whether you have one store or fifty, Speed Queen Insights connects you to every aspect of your business and gives you the tools to attract and retain more customers.

Speed Queen Insights provides the Speed Queen app and Speed Queen Rewards to enhance the customer experience.

Create a better customer experience.

Mobile payment transforms customer relationships.

Your customers expect more from a modern retail experience. More versatility. More convenience. Speed Queen Insights lets you meet—and exceed—their expectations with the Speed Queen app and Speed Queen Rewards. And because it’s fully integrated with your Speed Queen washers and dryers, there are no additional card readers to install and maintain.

Speed Queen app
Speed Queen app

Easy-to-use app creates best-in-class retail experience.

Speed Queen Rewards
Speed Queen Rewards

Increase store loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Monitor wash and dry
Monitor wash and dry

Customers can easily check cycle status and time remaining from their smartphone.

Receive notifications when complete
Notification of cycle completion

Customers can run errands and receive a notice when their cycle is finished.

Reload online wallet
Multiple payment options

Less coin collecting saves time and hassle, letting you focus on running your business.

Available on Desktop/Tablet/Phone

Expected mobile payment growth 2016-2020.

Source: eMarketer, Nov. 2016


Consumers who would use mobile wallets if they could earn loyalty rewards.

Source: Points, Spring/Summer 2016

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Speed Queen Insights

Stay connected with your customers.

Take your business to new levels of efficiency and profitability with advanced analytics and customer data—all integrated into the same platform with the rest of your business management tools. Know how often each customer visits. Which machines they use. How they pay. And use that information to increase your revenue through stronger customer relationships and a more rewarding laundry experience.

Advanced reporting and analytics
Advanced reporting and analytics

Track visits, rewards and stored value.

Centralized refunds
Centralized refunds

Issue refunds directly to online wallet for improved service and efficiency.

Integrated management platform
Integrated management platform

Streamline your business with machine, location and customer data in one place.


Simple and secure payment processing with PCI DSS compliance.

Speed Queen Insights integrates advanced analytics and customer data with the rest of your business management tools.
Speed Queen Insights' single-site solution provides data to help manage all your laundromats and maximize profits.

Speed Queen Insights

Make better decisions with better data.

Speed Queen Insights’ single-site solution gives you the tools to manage all of your laundromats more efficiently and profitably. Know which machines are busiest. Adjust pricing and set goals to maximize profits. It’s business made effortless.

Speed Queen Insights, with fast installation and an easy learning interface, lets you begin making better business decisions.

Fast, seamless installation.

A fast installation and easy-to-learn interface let you begin making better decisions for your business with little to no downtime. Plus, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing it’s backed by industry-leading customer support.

Speed Queen Insights, with its expandable platform, sets the foundation for future upgrades.

The future is built in.

With Speed Queen® Insights, what you invest in today will keep getting better. Its expandable platform sets the foundation for all future upgrades. Whatever the future brings, you’ll already have the technology you need to grow your empire.

Speed Queen Insights lets you have complete access to your machines and laundromats from anywhere.

Take your business with you.

From your hometown cafe to a tea room in Bombay, wherever there’s an internet connection, you’ll have complete access to every one of your machines and laundromats. There’s never been an easier, more powerful, more efficient way to manage your laundry business.

Speed Queen Insights provides a better retail experience by enabling mobile payment for customers.

A better retail experience.

Doing laundry is as easy as buying a cup of coffee with the Speed Queen® app. A simple design and multiple payment options make laundry day more convenient and give your customers the ability to pay with the one thing they never leave home without—their smartphone.

Speed Queen Insights retains existing customers and attracts new customers with Speed Queen Rewards.

Make customers for life.

Retain existing customers and attract new ones with Speed Queen® Rewards. When you thank them for their business with the opportunity to earn points-based rewards, they’ll thank you with increased store loyalty.

Running your business has never been simpler.

It's all there. In one place. In your control.

Speed Queen Insights lets your customers pay with the one thing they never leave home without—their smartphone—and it lets you run all of your laundromats from anywhere using a simple, intuitive website. With one partner and unmatched support, you get all the tools you need to make better business decisions.

Simple interface
Simple interface

Easily track and optimize financial and operational performance.

Business integration
Business integration

Single-source data and analytics for all machines and laundromats.

Expandable platform
Future-proof foundation

All upgrades will be based on Speed Queen Insights platform.

Fast, easy installation
Fast, easy installation

Factory-supported, with little to no downtime and no software to maintain.


Control your laundromats from anywhere.

Peace of mind
Peace of mind

Support from the world leader in vended laundry solutions.

Available on Desktop/Tablet
Speed Queen Insights lets customers use mobile payment and allows running laundromats from anywhere using a simple website.

The tools to build your empire are built right in.

Speed Queen Insights easily tracks revenue and sets performance goals for any location.

Easily track revenue and set performance goals for any location.

Speed Queen Insights provides cycle and revenue information to help make better business decisions.

Advanced data provides cycle and revenue information to help make better business decisions.

Speed Queen Insights offers detailed performance reports that can be viewed on the website or exported to Excel or as a PDF.

Detailed performance reports can be viewed within the Speed Queen® Insights website or exported to Excel or a PDF.

7:00 A.M.

Check daily revenue for each laundromat.

Compare to & update benchmark goals.

Use Speed Queen Insights to check daily revenue reports for each laundromat.
9:15 A.M.

Subscribe to Store & Revenue report.

Set up report to be delivered via email at 8:00 A.M. each morning.

Use Speed Queen Insights to subscribe to the Store & Revenue report, delivered via email.
11:00 A.M.

Customer retention and rewards.

Set up my rewards program.

Post to social media reminding people about Double Points Tuesdays.

Offer "Lucky Cycle" reward based on machine cycle usage.

Speed Queen Insights lets you review new Speed Queen app downloads and set up Speed Queen Rewards for your customers.
12:00 P.M.

Lunch with Partner to discuss new location at 6th & Cherry Street.

Speed Queen Insights allows you to check activity and reports at any time, wherever you are.
1:30 P.M.

Review machine usage & custom cycle reports.

60lb washers always in use on Sat. & Sun. at 12th & Commerce St.

Increase prices on those days by $0.50.

Speed Queen Insights lets you review machine usage and custom cycle reports.
2:45 P.M.

Adjust online wallet reload.

Set parameters to $25 for customer convenience and increased sales.

Speed Queen Insights lets you set price parameters for customer convenience and increased sales.

State-of-the-art management, unparalleled customer convenience.

Speed Queen Insights easily tracks revenue and sets performance goals for any location.

Speed Queen Insights gave this laundry owner more visibility so she could manage her business better.

Speed Queen Insights provides cycle and revenue information to help make better business decisions.

Build strong customer loyalty with the Speed Queen app.

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