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The Reimagined Vended Laundry

With the introduction of its Quantum® Touch controls, Speed Queen® has reimagined the laundry experience. From advanced functionalities and new revenue generating opportunities, to the clean, full-color display and step-by-step instructions, Quantum Touch is technology that truly delivers return on investment.

Increase Profitability

Options that Deliver Bottom Line Results

Quantum Touch takes the profitable cycle modifier to new levels. Modifier prompts and clear descriptions of these extra options will increase the percentage of customers who select premium wash options. Higher adoption means more revenue and a more profitable store. In addition, Speed Queen breaks new ground as the first manufacturer to offer cycle modifiers on the tumble dryer side, where anti-wrinkle and reversing tumble drive better profitability on the dry side.

Improve Customer Experience

Technology...with a Touch of Class

The clean, sleek stainless steel lines of Speed Queen Quantum Touch washer-extractors and tumble dryers present the image of a premium laundry experience the moment a customer walks through the door. That theme continues with full-color, intuitive touchscreen controls that keep customers updated on every step in the process. Multiple language options and clear descriptions ensure every client gets exactly the wash they desire.

screen dipslay photograph
screen dipslay photograph
Complete Laundromat Solution

Seamless Systems, Peerless Performance

For the most complete solution in the industry, owners can choose to pair their Quantum Touch units with a Speed Queen Insights subscription. The system comes standard with Speed Queen Care, meaning it is factory supported by the global leader in commercial laundry for additional peace of mind.

To learn more about the industry's most complete laundry management system and how it can help increase your laundry's profitability, visit the Speed Queen Insights page.

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Virtual Reality Experience
360 view

Walk through this 360° guided tour of the Quantum Touch laundromat.

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Return on Investment

Our industry is changing, as customers increasingly expect a truly elevated experience. With the introduction of Quantum Touch, combined with the powerful Speed Queen Insights system, Speed Queen is delivering a range of products that help owners reimagine their own businesses to reach new heights in profitability and return on investment.

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