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When you got into this business, it was about delivering a great customer experience and superior machines combined with excellent efficiency to produce strong revenue and profit. Now, take an objective look at your market and your store’s presence – is it still delivering in those areas? Be honest. The cleanest store and friendliest staff won’t make up for inefficient equipment that doesn’t have a variety of cycles and highly profitable cycle modifiers. It’s time to upgrade.

With a combination of special finance promotions and equipment rebates, Speed Queen has made it simple and inexpensive to upgrade to cutting-edge technology that blows away the competition with unmatched ROI.

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More Reasons to Level Up

See what happened when store owner Nick Luzecky leveled up his laundromat with new laundromat equipment from Speed Queen.

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Get in Touch with your Success Story

Speed Queen® has leveled up the laundry game and your bottom line with Quantum® Touch controls. These easy-to-use advanced controls provide an experience like none other—for you and your customers. Reveal your future with:

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Cycle Modifiers
Motivate customers to level up their wash options (and watch your revenue grow).

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Time-of-Day Pricing
Get the flexibility to adjust pricing on the days and times when your store is busiest.

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Flexible Payment Options
Offer the payment options your customers prefer—coins, cards, cash or mobile pay through the Speed Queen app.

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Eye-Catching Prompts
These clear descriptions give customers a reason to say yes to premium wash options. More yeses mean greater customer loyalty and higher profits.

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Lower Utility Costs
Bottom line: New commercial laundromat equipment is more energy efficient. And ours offers better water extraction, cutting down on dry times and your monthly bills.

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