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Timeless Quality

Residents come and go, buildings get a fresh coat of paint and years pass by. The one thing that never goes out of style is quality equipment in the laundry room.

Speed Queen Machine

Savings That Endure

Speed Queen machines endure effortlessly season after season to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership. Timeless quality leads to fewer repairs and less frequent machine replacement. Plus, claim dibs on utility cost savings with energy-efficient machines.

Speed Queen Machine

Durability is Always in Season

Machines tough enough to handle continuous loads are always in style. Here’s why Speed Queen owners are more likely to give a groovy recommendation for Speed Queen than any other brand.

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Machines tough enough to handle continuous loads are always in style. Here’s why Speed Queen owners are more likely to recommend Speed Queen than any other brand.

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A stainless-steel outer tub outlasts a plastic outer tub that’s more susceptible to mold.

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A rugged suspension system eliminates noise and vibrations—plus a 3-year warranty on parts.

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Washers handle 36% more out-of-balance weight than competitors with a robust steel base and world class out-of-balance system.

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710 rpm water extraction shortens dry times and saves on utilities.

Speed Queen Machine


Sustain success over time with cutting-edge Laundry IQ technology. The first of its kind, the sound-sensing system accurately identifies maintenance needs to maximize uptime.

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90% Accuracy

Get cutting-edge technology that constantly learns and evolves, improving its intelligence for even better results over time.

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Faster and Better Repairs

Get quicker fix times and improved first-time fix rates, plus eliminate the need for wasteful "no fault" service calls.

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Reduces Downtime

Upgrade your productivity with the industry’s first proactive tool for less downtime and increased satisfaction and revenue.

*Laundry IQ is available on select machines.

Quality That’s on Trend Year After Year

Quality starts with heavy-duty construction that majorly endures over time.

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No lid lock

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Porcelain coated metal outer tub is both durable and mildew/oder-resistant.

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Robust steel base provides superior out-of-balance spin performance and water extraction

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High-performance motor handles large loads with ease

Ease is Always in Style for You and Your Residents

Reliable equipment means fewer hassles for you and more satisfied residents. User-friendly machines that run consistently—without issues—earn higher rankings from residents.

Plus, easy management never goes out of style for you as a property manager. Speed Queen Insights gives you tools to manage your laundry facility with unmatched ease and convenience. Monitor machine performance, generate easy-to-understand reports and respond quickly with cloud-based control.

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