Speed Queen Customer
Relationship Management (CRM) System

Personalized Connection.
Powerful Engagement.

The Speed Queen Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System allows owners to fast track their marketing with existing customers, acquire new customers and leverage customer analytics found in Speed Queen Insights to drive more revenue.

Speed Queen® InsightsWhat You Can Do With the CRM

You can create campaigns via text, email or in-app messages to drive customer behavior. Track campaigns, monitor success rates and build campaigns that work. Speed Queen CRM makes it easy to grow your business and increase your revenue, all from the Speed Queen Insights platform.

Speed Queen® InsightsCreate Loyalty and Increase Customer Engagement

  • Offer new customer acquisition incentives through promo codes and Customer App signup bonuses.
  • Reengage lost customers or encourage repeat visits.
  • Remind customers of Speed Queen Rewards.
  • Run contests or ask for referrals.

Speed Queen® InsightsOne Source of Data. Fully Integrated Campaigns.

  • Easily filter and target customers based on analytics.
  • Create a marketing campaign to promote your business.
  • Offer promotions as part of a campaign and track their success.
  • Automate campaigns across one location or many.

Pro Tip

The Speed Queen CRM System helps owners identify key insights through data and easily act on that data to drive incremental revenue.

Laundromat marketing and customer engagement has never been easier.

CRM can be added to the Payment Package.

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