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Your customers expect more from a modern retail experience. More versatility. More convenience. Speed Queen Insights lets you meet—and exceed—their expectations with the Speed Queen Customer App.

Speed Queen® InsightsCreate a Best-in-class Experience

The Speed Queen Customer App lets your customers pay with the one thing they never leave home without—their smartphone. The easy-to-use app is fully integrated with your Speed Queen washers and dryers, so there are no additional card readers to install and maintain. Using the app on their smartphone, your customers also can:

  • Load their online wallet with cash and cashless options
  • Pay for machines
  • Monitor wash and dry cycle status and time remaining
  • Receive a notification when their cycle is finished

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The Speed Queen Value Center will help you further stand out from the competition by letting customers load cash onto their Speed Queen app.

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Speed Queen® InsightsSpeed Queen Rewards

By offering Speed Queen Rewards, you'll increase store loyalty and encourage repeat business.

The rewards program allows for points on every purchase, by time of day, by machine capacity, or when they load a certain amount of money onto the app, giving customers a reason to visit your store every laundry day.

Pro Tip

Enable the Customer Relationship Management tool to communicate with your customers about specials, opportunities to earn rewards and more.

The Customer App is included in the Payment Package.

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